Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gardentime 2012: Let's Begin

I can't believe that this is the third year I've been writing about my little urban garden. This scale, I've scaled back from the insanity that was 2011 but am still planning on more than I did in 2010. Having a backyard that is about 100 square feet really puts a limit on things, a limit I've ignored in the past, often to deleterious results.

The plan for this year includes:
2 hot pepper plants
a myriad of herbs

The peas, carrots and arugula are already in in the ground. This year, I went for Tom Thumb peas, which only grow to about 8 inches in height. They are ideal for containers. I hope they do not crowd each other out or turn in a giant tangled mess, as has been my experience in the past.

I planted them at the beginning of March. The plan is to pull them out once they start withering in the heat and replace them with a hot pepper plant and some basil.

The super mild winter we had meant that I didn't too very much to prepare my herbs for the cold. I tucked a few perennials in the corner along the yard's wall and against the wall of the house. All but the chocolate mint made it through. I'm particularly impressed by the sage, as that was the plant I had the least expectations for. But it's come back quite impressively, and it's only early April.

Finally, I've gotten some new herbs going. I added a lemon thyme because it smelled nice and word on the street says that it deters the cats. To replace the chocolate mint that died, I got a new one. Fingers crossed that it won't die as well. I've also planted some calendula seeds in a larger pot.

What's with the chicken wire over the blue pot? It's an attempt to keep the alley cats from digging up the soil and using the pot as a litter box. Hope that I can remove it once the plant grows large enough.

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