Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gardentime 2011: Peppers and More

Peppers, in my mind, are one of the easiest vegetables (fruits) to grow. I've had far more luck growing peppers at home than growing tomatoes or any other plant. Granted, the findings are skewed since this year and last I grew three pepper plants and only one tomato. Maybe the bounty would be equal if I grew three tomato plants too.

This year, I'm growing Purple Beauty Bell Peppers, Poblanos and an unusual pick, Aji Limon. The aji limon peppers that have ripened so far have been super hot but with a nice, citrusy kick. So unlike the cayennes of last summer, I'm getting a bit of dimension with the heat.

The poblanos have been pretty tasty and on the mild side. I've thrown them in a quesadilla and made some casserole using roasted ones. Really, the main reason I picked poblanos this year is because I wanted to make stuffed poblanos and this stuffed pepper recipe that was in Saveur last summer.

Purple Beauty is the fourth type of bell pepper I've attempted. The first year I tried orange peppers, which weren't very profilic, but I also didn't know what I was doing (whereas this year and last I sort of know what I'm doing. They have more space at least). Last year I grew yellow and baby bells, which turned out to be yellow, orange and red. Purple Beauties start out green like all other bell peppers but turn purple much more quickly than a red bell turns red or a yellow bell turns yellow. I find them to be not as sweet as other bell pepper varieties, so they're a good option if you want something between the sharpness of a green pepper and the tangy sweetness of a red pepper.

To end on some bad news, I've had to pull up my chard thanks to a pesky alley cat. That cat decided to crawl all over the chard and use its pot as a litter box. I'm pretty angry about that, since that's a lot of chard to lose to some shit and fur.

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