Thursday, June 2, 2011

Adventures In Making a Portfolio

I'm participating in a showcase day next Monday, held by the Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia. At the showcase, I'll be standing at a table with a few other local dramaturgs, all members of LMDA, while representatives from local companies come by and peruse our portfolios. There will also be designers at the event, as well as auditions for actors.

Anyway, in order to be at this event, I need a portfolio. Which, I didn't have up until now. This is very much not a position I'd recommend anyone find themselves in. I had to review material I hadn't looked at in years and sum up what I did as a dramaturg, which was a little tricky given that some of my projects happened, oh, four years ago.

As I put the portfolio together, I'll write more about the logistics of what went into it and, finally after the showcase, how things worked out.

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