Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gardentime 2011: Swiss Chard

I'm scared of spinach but I love Swiss chard. It makes no sense, I know, since they're considered interchangeable in cooking. But spinach makes me gag and chard doesn't. So I'm growing chard in the garden this season and it's doing pretty well.


That's just about an ounce of chard. There's a lot more that I haven't picked yet. And here's the thing about chard, it will grow back after you cut it. I'm not really sure how that works, whether it forms new leaves and stalks or new leaves from the stalks you leave behind, but I'm anxious to see it happen, because chard's probably the vegetable I buy (or bought) the most and if it will just keep producing throughout the summer and into fall, I'll be pretty excited.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crafty Stuff Update

Just finished this sampler the other night. It's not framed or stretched yet, hence the wrinkles.

It's the companion piece to the sampler I finished a few months ago. It's original title was Gray Scale and my original intent was to have it be pure shades of gray, but apparently, you can't get pure gray floss. So it's more colors with gray, which makes me want to call it Gray-ish instead.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Gardentime 2011: Strawberry Disappointment

Look at that strawberry. So plump, so red, it must be delicious, yes? Too bad it was the most disgusting thing I've ever put in my mouth.

I'm about 2 seconds away from ripping up the strawberry plant and putting something else in there instead (after dumping out the potting mix which I'm sure is full of nasties by now). It looks as though I'm just going to get one super sour berry from the plant this year. All the others fell prey to fungus or bugs or just shriveled up and died.

I know it's not really the plant's fault. I take a lot of blame for its complete failure. It's clearly the wrong type of strawberry plant for this situation. I am pretty sure it's a June-bearing type but I lost the tag a long time ago so have no way of knowing for sure. June bearers put out runners, which I don't have the space for, and take about a year to get settled.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Adventures In Making a Portfolio

I'm participating in a showcase day next Monday, held by the Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia. At the showcase, I'll be standing at a table with a few other local dramaturgs, all members of LMDA, while representatives from local companies come by and peruse our portfolios. There will also be designers at the event, as well as auditions for actors.

Anyway, in order to be at this event, I need a portfolio. Which, I didn't have up until now. This is very much not a position I'd recommend anyone find themselves in. I had to review material I hadn't looked at in years and sum up what I did as a dramaturg, which was a little tricky given that some of my projects happened, oh, four years ago.

As I put the portfolio together, I'll write more about the logistics of what went into it and, finally after the showcase, how things worked out.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gardentime 2011: Zucchini Whoa

The last to get planted in the garden this season (uh....so far) was zucchini. The zucchini was an afterthought, remembered only after everything else was planned and only really remembered because I found the perfect pot for it at Ikea.

Zucchini. I know what you're thinking. It's going to take over the yard, like that damned cucumber did last year. It's a vining plant, you'll be drowning in the thing and kicking yourself by July.

Not this one, at least, so I've been told. I've planted the Raven bush variety, which according to the fine folks at The Kitchn, is small enough to grow in a pot.

I've been mighty impressed with this little guy so far. I planted three seeds on Friday evening and already (Wednesday), they've all shot up. I'll have to pull two of the seedlings up, but will wait till they're a bit taller to do that.