Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gardentime 2011: Stop With the Rain Already

Well, there it is. Everything is out, save for the zucchini, which I haven't planted yet. And the reason I haven't planted it? Because it's been flipping raining for the past week. We just got a reprieve yesterday, when it was sunny and bright and beautiful, and today, when it was less sunny and threatening to rain all day, but hasn't put out yet.

There's those people who say "oh, but we need the rain," every time it rains. True, that's true under most circumstances. But this, this is too much rain. My plants are turning yellow. I just found a strawberry that looked ripe and ready on one side and turned out to be blue on the other.

A person can die if she drinks too much water too quickly. The same holds true for plants. The leaves turn yellow, the fruit rots and fungus and molds take over.

When it doesn't rain, you can irrigate. It's a lot more difficult to pull a cover over the plants when the rain gets excessive.

That all said, not all is rotting or dying. I enjoyed some sugar peas the other day, and I usually hate sugar peas. I also got to eat some of the chard, which you can see growing against the wall.

And my mammoth sunflower is growing quite quickly. This is it only two weeks after planting:

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