Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gardentime 2011: Here We Go

The garden's actually been going since early March, but this is the first I've gotten around to writing about it. This year, I'm letting myself go a little bit more out of control than I did last year, which means: more herbs, more peppers and a giant (up to 12 foot) sunflower.

Admittedly, I didn't intend for the sunflower. But then the boy came home with an unopened seed packet that he "found" at work, so might as well try, right? We've also got some dwarf sunflower seeds that we're (ok, I'm) going to try.

So this is the list of stuff I'm attempting this year:
Sugar peas (an accident, I wanted shelling peas, bought the wrong packet)
Aji Limon (a yellow hot pepper with a slightly lemony taste. Apparently. I've never had one)
Purple Beauty pepper (purple bell peppers)
Black Cherry Tomato (also a behemoth plant, perhaps a bad idea. But black cherry tomatoes are the tastiest)
Mammoth Girasol sunflower
Smaller sunflower (not its actual name, but that escapes me now.)
Raven's Bush zucchini (a late addition. I know I said no curcubits this year, but apparently this one is actually small.)

In the herb department, I'm growing:
Greek oregano
Garlic chives
Lavender (apparently, cats dislike lavender, so I planted it mostly to keep them away.)
Purple ruffles basil
Sweet basil

I've also put some planters on the wall and stuck some flowers in them, along with a planter of lavender. I'm growing some type of lily, purity candytuft and those yellow/orange flowers you see everywhere, but I forget their name.

There's also some English ivy taking over one corner of the backyard, but I take no responsibility for that.

And in other exciting plant news, we've got a tree in the front now. It's a Sargent Cherry, which means it will produce pretty flowers if it lives long enough. I really hope it survives. We've been fussing over it, but it still seems to be dealing with transplant shock or something.

Apparently, the first 3 years of a tree's life are critical and precarious. You have to water them but not too much. It's also best to not throw garbage all around the tree's mulch or you know, mishandle it. But since we live in south Philly, those things are rather unavoidable. I've already cleared a cigar wrapper, what looked like a chewed on rubber bouncy ball, a cigarette filter and other random pieces of garbage off of the tree.

So, let's see how this goes. I'd still really like a shrub for the front, next to the steps. But I'm not sure what to plant. I'd love some jasmine, but that's more viney than shrubby.

We'll see. I'll leave you with a picture of a few baby Swiss chards that I've gathered from the garden already.

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