Friday, October 22, 2010

About to Start a Quilt

using the above fabric, from "Wee Wonderland" by Keiki. I was drawn to this particular fabric because of this little guy:
What is he? I have no idea. But he's cute.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gardentime 2010: The End of Everything

Finally. A few weeks ago, the yellow bell peppers started ripening. Just in time too, as it seems there's going to be a frost tomorrow night. I was betting on the first frost coming at the very end of the month, so I had to do a bit of scrambling today to clean some stuff up.

I trimmed the mint down and put a layer of mulch on top of it. I dried all the excess leaves. What seemed like a lot actually turned out to be very little, just one little spice jar full of dried leaves.

I also cut down what was left of the tomato and pulled all the basil. Some of the basil looked a little gross, the leaves were whitish, as if something had come by and sucked all the chlorophyll from them. The ones that were still a vibrant green were turned into a pesto, which went into the freezer.

The cayenne still has several unripe fruits, as does the yummy bell. The yellow bell pepper has about three mostly ripened but not quite fruits. I know I can just pull the fruits as they are now, but I really prefer the taste of ripened peppers. I guess nature is just against me here, and either I pull the peppers now or they'll just be destroyed by the frost.  

As far as the next step, I'm not sure. I guess cut down the remaining plants, wrap the strawberries in a blanket and clean the containers. I'd like to save as much of the container soil as I can, since it is so very expensive. But advice on that seems to go two ways: either yeah, save it or omg, don't do that! I think I'll just pour it all in a big bin, let it sit the winter outdoors and see what comes of it. I have no idea what I'm actually doing and I kind of enjoy that.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Crafty Stuff Update

A few pictures of craft projects I've worked on lately:

I made a costume for a solo dance piece, "Chavela," which was performed at the Philly Fringe Festival by keila cordova dances this past September. The above is the vest worn by the dancer. She actually tried it on backwards and ended up wearing it that way since it looked much better. There's a skirt as well, but that didn't photograph so well on its own. You can check out a few action shots here.

 I suppose this is a fabric sculpture. I made it in a a stitch class at the Fleisher over the summer. In the class, we learned how to dye fabric using the Shibori technique. Honestly, I wasn't such a fan. It was such a pain in the ass and the resulting fabric didn't excite me so much, which may be why I did that to it. One piece is stitched to what was once a white button shirt with tapestry yarn. I embroidered the other piece and loosely stitched it to the white fabric, then stuffed it with polyfill so that it sticks up like that.

I'm still working on this sampler. A few more of the open spaces need to be filled in with stitches. I like samplers. They're a great way to try out new stitches or to see what stuff looks like without worrying about messing up too much.