Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gardentime 2010: Late August Check In

As the end of summer creeps nearer, the garden has really started to put out. The tomato plant, the tall now somewhat scraggly plant in the back, has produced a few decent tomatoes. Sadly, it seems to have been the victim of blight.

The cayenne pepper plant, shown here duking it out the greedy cucumber, has already given me some peppers, and still has between 20 and 30 ripening. A few peppers are starting to ripen on the Yummy Bell plant and the yellow bell, which I had given up on, has finally started fruiting.

The cucumber has been a bit of a disappointment. So far, I've gotten one fruit from it, and while it was possibly the best cucumber I've had, I don't think I'll try growing it again. The cosmos flowers finally gave up the ghost after not blooming. I'm not sure what happened to them. One day they were brown, wilted, and coated in some sort of web.
This is Mr. Chicken. He was an impulse buy at Lowe's. Philly doesn't let people have real chickens, so he's the next best thing. Actually, he may be better than a real chicken, since he doesn't make noise or messes.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Creepy Spider

Found this little guy hanging out in the garden this evening

I know spiders are good and all, but he scared the crap out of me.