Sunday, July 18, 2010

Zucchini Butter

One vegetable I haven't tried to grow is zucchini. I've already got enough trouble with the cucumber plant that wants to take over the backyard, so adding another curcubit to the mix seemed like a bad idea. There's also really no point in growing my own zucchini since everyone else in the entire world  state of Pennsylvania also grows the thing. It's one of the first summer veggies to appear at the farmer's markets and one of the last to leave at the start of fall. Zucchini, it knows how to party.

Eating zucchini week after week gets a bit dull, as we all know. I usually give up purchasing it by the first week in August because the thought of eating more sauteed zucchini makes me want to head out to the pizza place.

Thankfully, the Kitchn has stepped in, offering this recipe for zucchini butter from Jennie Cook.

Zucchini butter, what's that? you may ask. Quite simply, it's grated zucchini (or summer squash, in my case), combined with olive oil and a shallot and cooked until it turns into a jam, or rather, butter. I had some zucchini and summer squash sitting in my fridge that really needed to be used, so I attempted the recipe tonight.

It's really retarcuously easy. I ended up halving the recipe, since I only had about a pound of squash, including some I had grated a few weeks ago and frozen. I used a microplane grater on the squash, grating it directly into a tea towel lined colander.  It didn't look very pretty.

As it sat and drained, I minced a shallot, heated olive oil in a cast iron skillet, then sauteed the shallot a bit. I gave the squash a good squeeze in the towel, over the sink, to get rid of excess water. Then I placed it in the skillet and tossed it about a bit. After a few minutes, I added a bit of salt and some pepper.

I'm not sure how long it took for the squash to cohere and become a spreadable butter, I think I listened to five or six songs, so around 25 minutes, I would guess. After a bit of time on the heat, the squash looked like this:
I'd guess I got about a cup of butter. I put it in a pretty jar, because that way I'll be more likely to eat it and instead of forgetting about it in the refrigerator.

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