Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gardentime 2010 (part 2)

Well, here we are, two weeks (more or less) since the frost-free date and everything is set out. I really wanted to set the plants out before May 15, but then some nights between May 1 and 15 actually did get cold enough for there to be a frost warning, so, phew, glad I listened to myself.

There has definitely been a bit of drama in the garden, mostly from a few pesky alley cats who decided to use one of my containers (that was freshly planted with poppy seeds) as a litter box. I won't go into details, but it was gross. And the itty bitty poppy seedlings were destroyed. I've replanted that container with Cosmos, which don't seem to be coming up. I hope they do, since some flowers among the  veggies would be nice.

I've not had much luck with the little strawberry plant either. It's certainly getting leafy and has even sprouted a runner, but its fruit kinda sucked. Either it went moldy or rotted before I got to it or I got it too soon and it was blah.

The first crop of radishes has been picked and eaten. There's a new round in the container, but it may stay too hot for them to fully develop. I'm worried about the little peas for that same reason.

Oh, and those cats again: trampled the peas one morning, killing about half of them. I stuck a stake in the container and the surviving few are beginning to flower and put out pods. Let's just hope the days don't stay crazy hot (90 degrees. At the end of May), so they don't die before I can harvest.

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