Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gardentime 2010 (The Cucumber Explosion)

At the beginning of this week, I was worried about the state of my cucumber plant. I hadn't originally planned on growing cucumbers, since I'm limited to containers and cucumber vines like a lot of room. Then I saw a bush cucumber plant, and it was little and cute, and so I ended up getting it. I eat a lot of cucumbers, so getting a plant made sense, especially if it wouldn't vine everywhere.

I waited awhile before moving the plant outdoors. During the time it was limited to the peat pot, the plant grew a considerable amount. Its roots pushed up to the surface of the pot and out of the bottom. It even grew small blossoms.

I had to move it. Then I ran out of potting mix. So the plant sat outdoors for a day or two, half planted in its container (I know, I know, that sounds really irresponsible). Finally, I got more potting mix, tore off the bottom of the peat pot and planted little cucumber properly.

Then he looked sad. He yellowed a bit, didn't grow, and lost all his blossoms. Whenever I'd go out back, I look at him and think it was all over. No homegrown cucumbers for me.

Then it rained a lot, this week and last. And for some reason, that was the rallying cry for the little cucumber plant. He's doubled in size since Monday. His leaves are big, and a lush green. Tiny blossoms are returning. No sign of an actual cucumber yet, but my hopes are restored.

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