Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gardentime 2010

I've got my garden under way this year. My boyfriend's moved to a smaller house with a bigger backyard, so I am taking advantage of the extra space by growing extra plants.

Right now, I've got little radishes growing in one container, peas growing in another and strawberries in a third. A cayenne pepper plant and some mint are waiting indoors. The cayenne can't go out until after the frost free date (which may be as late as May 15 for these parts. I've heard at least four dates, ranging from April 21 to May 15). The mint just needs a proper container to spread its mintiness.

The next phase of the garden will include a tomato plant, basil and cilantro, and some flowers. Back in February, when I thought I was going to go batty because of the snow and cold, I picked up some poppy and cosmos seed packets at K-Mart. The packets look promising, but I won't get to see the real thing until the summer.

I keep wanting to plant more things such as chard, bell peppers again, eggplant. But we'll see.

If you want to start gardening but have no idea what to do or live in an area where you don't actually have dirt, I highly recommend Gayla Trail's books. Her You Grow Girl: The Groundbreaking Guide to Gardening got my gardening feet wet. She offers great advice on identifying pests and diseases and offers organic, non-scary ways to combat said pests and diseases. Her newest book, Grow Great Grub: Organic Food from Small Spaces, offers plenty of great tips for folks who want to grow veggies and fruits in containers. She tells you what size container works best for each plant, what plants excel in pots and what plants won't do so hot. It's invaluable advice that opens the gardening to anyone.

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