Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Writing Update

I've decided to give up on writing for Suite101. For those of you not familiar with it, Suite101 is an online magazine a la About.com. However, unlike About.com, they do not guarantee their writers a set amount monthly. You make money from ad revenue. And you have to share your earnings with them.

I don't know what percent they give you. What I do know is that I started writing for them in July, I've written 12 articles for the site, and I've made less than $6.00. Total. That's not even enough to make pay-out (which is $10.00). So, I've written these articles and haven't made a dime. And worse yet, I've only made about 50 cents each article.

People criticize sites like Suite for the extremely low rates they pay. Poking around the internet, there are claims from people that they make $100+ monthly. That's what got me to even consider writing them. Apparently, one writer made $5,000 in one month. I don't know if that is true. What I do know is that that is definitely not true for me. So I don't even want to play anymore. It's not worth my time. I wish I could take those articles back and post them here, especially the recipes. I guess this was a learning experience.

Maybe I'm just bad at writing SEO articles. Or at choosing the most lucrative keywords. But really, it shouldn't be that hard. There's AdWords, which is a great little tool. And really, as a writer, shouldn't I be more concerned that people get something useful from an article over and above whether the keywords I've tagged bring in the most money per click?

In other upsetting news, Life123 has shut down it's writer's community. Which is a shame. I really enjoyed writing for that site. In addition to the basic community, I was also writing assigned, flat fee articles for them. Then suddenly, last week, I got a note from my editor letting me know that they won't be taking any more articles. It also seems that the staff of Life123 was let go. I'm bummed, because the flat fee articles were a great source of extra income. I was tempted to quit my temp job and write full time, between demand and life123, I definitely would have been able to make it work. And I'd have time to focus on my other, non-lucrative creative writing and on pitching more articles to other outlets.

Sigh. But here's a bit of good news: I did just start writing a short story that's been swimming around in my head for a few days.

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