Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My First Quilt

I saw this quilt back around the holidays and wanted to make one for my nana for Christmas. Well, stuff happened, mainly (this is my theory at least) a giant snow storm, and the fabric (Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane) I ordered for the quilt never showed up. After some e-mails back and forth with the company, they reshipped it and it finally got here at the end of January. So that means I started working on my nana's Christmas present a week ago.

I veered away from the other quilt a bit, my has more pieces, as you can see in the sloppy layout of the quilt below:

Figuring out how to array the fabric was a bit tricky, I would have done better to choose one additional fabric design. But for someone just guessing, I think it turned out all right layout-wise.

I ended up cutting two pieces 14.5" X 24.5" for the center panel, six pieces 15.5" X 5.5", six pieces 5.5" X 15.5", and two pieces 15.5" X 17" for the two corner panels. As you can see in the image, the 5.5" X 17" pieces are the long vertical strips and the 5.5" X 15.5" pieces are the horizontal strips.

I then lined the strips up and pinned them together, as shown above.

 Next, I sewed the strips together using what I call a 1/4 inch seam, but is really the edge of my presser foot. 


When the three strips were attached to each other, I pressed the seams and got the above. I repeated this with the remaining strips, making four panels total. I then attached the top 3 section panel to the middle 3 section panel, sewed those together and then attached one of the 15.5 X 17 panels to the bottom.
I sewed the middle two panels together, then lay that panel right side down on top of one of the other panels. I then arranged the panels on the batting and stitched them in place, as shown above. 
The third panel was placed face down on the middle panel and stitched to the batting. The seams were pressed open, then the back was placed right side down on top of what was now the quilt front. I pinned it in place and stitched around the edges with a half inch seam. I left a six or seven inch opening, trimmed the corners, turned the quilt out, and then top stitched around the edges to close the opening and give it a nice look. I got lazy and kinda quilted the back a bit, but since my machine isn't really a quilting machine and things were getting messy, I didn't go too crazy quilting the back.

And here's the finished quilt:
 Hope my nana likes it.

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