Saturday, September 26, 2009

English Muffin Challenge (Part 1)

I have three different recipes for English Muffins, so I've issued myself this "challenge" (I use scare quotes because it probably isn't a real challenge): I'm going to make each one and determine which is the best of the three and then that one will be my "go to" recipe for English Muffins.

Hm, I didn't know you were such a fan of English Muffins, you might say. Well, I'm not really. The ones you get in the store are pretty nasty. I bought some a while back because they were on sale and really wish I hadn't once I read the ingredients. They were extra fiber ones, so that meant they had crap added to them, not whole grains, but stuff such as polydextrose and other kinda fakey things. And also, it had sucralose in it but wasn't boldly labeled as containing it. I know they have to boldly label stuff with nutrasweet because people might have conditions, but I think they should do the same for sucralose, because really, I'd rather not eat any artificial sweetener at all.

Enough of that. In sum: store bought English muffins kinda suck hard.

The first recipe I tried is from the new(ish) Vegan Brunch cookbook (which I will be reviewing shortly, just maybe not here). I have to say, that muffins were pretty tasty. I didn't have any margarine on hand, so I subbed canola oil, and they turned out all right. They seem a bit less nook-y than I would have hoped, so minus points for that. Also, minus points for being a bit flat in the taste department.

Next recipe up: Mark Bittman's from How to Cook Everything. But probably not for a while because I have to work through the vegan ones first.

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