Monday, September 7, 2009

Content Writing

I've started doing some "freelance" content writing for several websites. I'd recommend it to anyone who 1. isn't obsessed with making a gazillion dollars but would still like some extra money to, I dunno, buy a salad spinner or books, and 2. is a halfway decent writer who has some areas of expertise and general knowledge about a myriad other topics.

As you may have seen, I've written several articles for the site I'll say off the bat that this site has not been a cash cow. It's a revenue sharing site, meaning that I get money based on google adsense clicks. So, I've only made. . .well, less than $3 so far, and it's been almost two months. But I'm supposed to think of it as well, in ten years, I'll still be earning money for these articles, instead of just a one time fee. I'm not sure about that yet, though, but I do enjoy the freedom of being able to write what I want and have an audience for it.

The other two sites pay either per word or per article. I started with textbroker, which will probably not make me rich because its pay per word is pretty low. But then again, there is a bit of joy found in being able to craft together 300-500 words on a topic you're not terribly familiar with and still make it sound credible and it's nice to make a few dollars when you'd otherwise just be sitting around watching tv or something. I've since found demandstudios, which pays much better but still not enough to make a capitalist's heart sing. It pays $15 for about 500 words, though they don't seem to care too much about word counts. I figure, my temp job pays $15 an hour and it typically takes me less than that to write an article for demand studios.

So, I'm not quite ready to leap full time in the wonderful world of freelance work. But I'm kinda happy with all this for now. I'd recommend textbroker and demand studios to anyone wanting to stick their toe into freelancing. Suite101, I'd maybe recommend more for folks who are knowledgeable about stuff that people go online to read. And to people who are more patient.

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