Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tofu Parmesan

Sorry to be all about food and my other writing attempts lately. I have some craft projects that I will eventually write about. . .
But for now, I have a new recipe up at Suite 101: Tofu Parmesan.

It was partly inspired by some frugal cooking show on PBS I was watching the other day, where they made eggplant parm, and partly inspired by the fact that I had a block of tofu sitting in the freezer.

It's really delicious, so please do check it out.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vegan Quinoa Peanut Butter Cookies

One of the things I really like about writing for Suite 101, besides the fact that it allows me to write what I want to and earn some money (though not a lot as of right now), is that it is encouraging me to experiment with cooking and baking. A few weeks ago, I posted a recipe for simple vegan waffles, which turned out to be pretty popular, the most popular of my articles so far. So, this past week, I posted a recipe for Vegan Quinoa PB cookies. I've been moderately obsessed with eating more quinoa (I have a recipe for quinoa chocolate chip cookies up on vegweb), but apparently only in cookie form.

Anyway, I'm usually the type of person to just follow recipes, and now I'm creating/inventing/toying with them, which I really like. Nothing has completely flopped yet, thank goodness. If you want to see the cookie recipe, you'll have to click over to Suite 101, since I can't legally repost it here just yet.

Friday, August 14, 2009


I don't know if I'm seeking out news articles that annoy or anger me or if there is simply just a lot more of them out there lately, but I have been in state of angered annoyance for the past week or so. I'm working my way through an article in NY Times right now called False 'Death Panel' Rumor Has Some Familiar Roots and I can almost feel my blood boiling at the stupidity of some people. Well, the stupidity and the arrogance.

It is one thing to disagree with a proposed policy. It is quite another to reinterpret the policy and convolute and twist that policy into something that is entirely different, into something that you know will scare the shit out of your followers and fans, into something that will ultimately be brushed away and while not forgotten, nothing will be done about for the next 15 or so years, while millions of people continue to do without, simply because some idiot was too scared to admit the truth. Really, comparisons to the Nazis? This is the stuff adults make up to scare the shit out of children, and I would know, back in the Clinton era, I was one of those children and adults told me things that terrified me. Seriously, I thought the world was going to end. I thought my teachers were going to force me to learn about condoms and carry them around and that I'd have to flee the country in order to be safe. I have, thankfully, since grown up and can now think and formulate opinions based on facts.

Okay, answer me this, if anyone actually reads this blog, and if anyone actually reads this blog who is against the proposed health plan, why the hell would a health insurance plan, designed to grant ALL people access to (affordable) health care include some crap about "death panels"? Why would a plan designed to help people get access to care actually want to kill those who need the care?

I have my qualms about the proposed plan, I will admit that. But as the president stated in a meeting in New Hampshire the other day, “Where we do disagree, let’s disagree over things that are real, not these wild misrepresentations that bear no resemblance to anything that has actually been proposed."

The issue won't be resolved until proponents and opponents actually stop and think about what is real and what is at hand and then proceed to discuss it civilly, without crazy falsifications and rumors and without hysterics. Please people, especially people in a position of power (or formerly in a position of power), stop making shit up.