Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gardening Update!

Look at those peppers! They're a little on the small side and most of them do have that weird tissue problem, but look! They're cute and orange!

And now look at my Brussels sprouts:

They aren't doing so well. Something is eating them and it may just be a squirrel. I had an unpleasant confrontation with one of those bushy tailed rats the other day and he was not happy that I appeared in the backyard. He also seemed a little miffed about the chicken wire I wrapped around the pepper plant. He did, however, get into the now completely dead pea plants and toss their corpses all about the yard. I scolded him, we had a stare down and then I went back inside and he left.

So, I hope there are more peppers on the way, but I'm not sure, since this pot is rather small and the plant may have maxed out in terms of allotted space. But still, four or five edible peppers for a beginner is quite exciting

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